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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Culture as a Corporate Asset

Culture as a Corporate Asset

 Independent Director, NACD Board Member, and NACD Blue Ribbon Commissioner Sue Cole began the program with an overview of key points found in The Report of the NACD Blue Ribbon Commission on Culture as a Corporate Asset. She explained that the report was developed at a time when several high-profile companies were experiencing crises as a result of failed corporate cultures. NACD gathered nationally renowned directors and experts to discuss how boards can elevate the discussion of culture—or how the company’s values are lived out—as a key part of the board’s oversight role

  • Culture is a core corporate asset. 
  • Boards need to achieve a level of discipline in culture oversight similar to that of their oversight of risk management.
  • Boards should fold culture into existing structures (i.e., no new committees needed).
  • Boards should use practical tools such as employee surveys, hotline complaints, turnover rates, etc., to routinely gauge culture in the organization.
  • Directors should use every opportunity to get out of the boardroom and assess the company’s culture personally.
Program Recap by Grant Thornton and NACD Carolinas Chapter

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